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South American olympic medal count and other interesting trivia.

11 countries from South America went to London this year to compete in 2012 Olympiad. Out of those countries only three have won medals so far: Brazil with the count of 6, Colombia with 3 and Venezuela with 1. The … Continue reading

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Evita is the new face of Argentina’s 100 pesos

Eva Duarte de Peron continues to be a strong presence in Argentine life. This time on the face of a 100 peso banknote designed and printed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of her death. Evita is the first woman in … Continue reading

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Flags of South America, part 10 – Colombia.

Colombia, a country until recently associated with drug trade is now experiencing a tourism renaissance. It has become a safer destination for travel and with its wealth of culture and unique geographic location it is certainly a rising star of … Continue reading

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Flags of South America, part 9 – Venezuela.

Venezuela, a country roughly twice the size of California, was once a part of Gran Colombia together with what now are Ecuador and Colombia. As one version goes, the country derives its name from the word Veneziola, or little Venice, … Continue reading

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Flags of South America part 8 – Ecuador.

This is one of the most exciting countries on the South American continent with rich biodiversity, culture and exotic landscapes. With its origins as the northern reaches of Inca Empire, through Spanish conquest, it finally gained independence between 1819-1822. Country’s … Continue reading

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More photos and story from Punta Arenas.

Cecile reporting from the deep south… “While waiting for the Cruise to arrive, I had time to discover this extraordinary town, Punta Arenas, located almost at the end of the continent! The city, located by the Magellan Strait,  started also, … Continue reading

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Flags of South America part 7 – Paraguay.

Landlocked by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, this enigmatic country roughly the size of California and the population of 6.5 million people does not make news regularly on the international stage. Paraguay gained its independence from Spain in 1811, similarly to … Continue reading

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