Ushuaia day 2; Jan 25

From Cecile’s report:

“Today we stayed in the city and its sorroundings. We started very relaxed with a quiet breakfast and then we went to the Martial Glacier, very close to the city. It has a chair lift that takes you to the middle of the mountain  and from there, you walk a little bit more to a place from where you can have a wonderful view up to the Glacier and down to the city, with trails on the rock or in the forest, both really amazing.
Another excellent option in town are the museums, and Ushuaia has a very nice variety and quality: Yamanas Museum (native people history), Antartica Museum, Ushuaia Jail and Military Prison, and of course, the End of the World Musem.
In the afternoon, everybody got ready to get on board for this unique Cruise experience across Cape Horn and visiting little penguin and lion islands…. 
Next stop: Punta Arenas, see you at the pier!!!”

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