A luxury train journey in Peru.

Recently hailed by the CNN Travel as the #2 epic train journey in the world, albeit the shortest, the Hiram Bingham train from Cuzco to Machu Picchu (actually Aguas Calientes) is a truly luxurious experience in Andean travel.  Following the winding valley of Urubamba River the journey offers spectacular views of the mountains, glimpses of the Inca Trail and gourmet cuisine. According to what the official website says:

You will be treated to pisco sours in the bar carriage before you are ushered to your seats to enjoy a host of Peruvian delights.

Beginning with a delicate amuse bouche, you will enjoy dishes like pumpkin cream soup scented with star anis, Beef tenderloin medallion, maiz polenta with cheese and oyster mushrooms and a pisco sauce or a delicious salmon trout fillet with a light pink peppercorn sauce.

This delightful meal is then finished with a light dessert and a drink in the bar carriage before you arrive at the station.

The price for a round trip for two people, including taxes, is $698. While not a small change, it is what it claims to be, the most luxurious way to get to Machu Picchu. The train is operated by the Orient Express, a company offering worldwide luxury travel experiences and accommodations.


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