Travel insurance – to buy or not to buy, before you say bye, bye!

You have it for your car. You have it for your house. You have it for your health (hopefully). It seems we need insurance for just about everything worth protecting these days. It would seem logical then to protect your investment in a trip. This is especially true the longer and more costly your trip will be.

If you are traveling only for a weekend and your plane ticket was inexpensive, travel insurance may not be right for you. However, here are some scenarios where a good travel insurance might come in handy:

1. you or your family member have fallen ill and you cannot go on your trip

2. there is a natural disaster in the country of your destination and you need to get out

3. your wallet and a passport have been stolen and you need a replacement

4. your luggage has been lost and in it your medications which you need replaced

5. you have a medical emergency in a foreign country and need to be evacuated or seek medical attention

6. act of terrorism takes place in the country of your destination and you need to cancel your trip

7. you already paid for your trip but you lose your job and need the money back

8. you need to call someone who can help with the above situations 24/7

The above scenarios are just some possible reasons you might need the travel insurance. Travel, however rewarding and exciting, carries some inherent risks, unknown and unpredictable situations and emergencies and it is nice to know that should such event occur, you and your leisure investment are covered. We strongly recommend it and we always purchase it ourselves. As with any insurance policy, if you decide to purchase one, be sure to read the terms and conditions.

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